Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a procedure that is non-invasive and does not involve the use of any radiation. MRI uses a very strong magnet, radiofrequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed images of organs, tissues, bone, and other internal structures of your body. A radiologist interprets these images to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of certain medical conditions.

Diagnostic Imaging Center on Dasman Diabetes Institute houses two state-of-the-art machines (1.5 Tesla (SIGNA Artist) – wide-bore & 3 Tesla) for comfortable and precise imaging.

In case you are claustrophobic, please talk to your referring doctor prior to the appointment.

Note: Procedures under anesthesia are not performed at our Institute.


As MRI involves a magnetic field, you will be asked metal safety questions at the time of your appointment. While many implants are compatible with the MRI machine, certain implants may not be allowed inside the scan room for safety reasons. Some examples of such implants are listed below:

  1. Cardiac pacemakers
  2. Prosthetic heart valve (old type)
  3. Intracranial aneurysm clips
  4. Ferromagnetic implants e.g. in middle ear
  5. Metallic foreign body (specially insulin pump, intra-orbital implant, intra-osseous implant, bullets, shrapnel)
  6. Neurostimulators
  7. Metal particles or chips in your eye and retinal tacks
  8. Magnetically activated biomedical device (such as a defibrillator, eye implant or ventricular peritoneal shunt)

It is helpful to have the make and model of the implant handy to make this verification process easier. By informing the radiology personnel of any metal implants in advance, your safety can be ensured and necessary modifications to procedures can be done. In certain cases, a clearance from your doctor regarding the implants will be required to facilitate a smooth appointment.

The following items should be removed prior to your examination:

  1. Hearing aid
  2. Dentures
  3. Watches, eyeglasses
  4. Hair wigs and hairpieces
  5. Bank magnetic cards
  6. Coins, keys, pens and jewelry
  7. Eye-makeup or mascara

It is recommended not to use hair gel or have wet hair as this can deflect the magnet signal. Dental fillings, hip replacements, knee replacements and contact lenses are acceptable.

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