Podiatry Clinic

Foot problems are a major cause of morbidity in people with diabetes. Diabetes can reduce the blood supply and cause a loss of feeling to the feet. If not treated appropriately, foot problems can lead to amputation. The prevalence of diabetes is also expected to increase dramatically making the availability and accessibility of evidence-based good quality diabetic foot management of vital importance.

There are recognized evidence-based best practices in prevention, treatment, and management of diabetes foot problems that, if implemented, will not only improve patient outcomes but also reduce cost.

The DDI Podiatry Clinic provides specialist assessment and treatment for high risk patients with diabetic foot diseases ranging from prevention and education of patients, to identify and treat existing problems such as foot ulcers and Charcot’s neuroarthropathy, before they get worse. 

In close collaboration with our diabetes consultants and other specialties, the clinic will ensure that patients receive comprehensive evidence-based clinical care.

We always aspire to do better for our patients, and are involved in education sessions with patients, their families, nurses, medical students, physicians and other healthcare professionals. We collaborate in clinical research with many departments and institutes to advance our knowledge of diabetic foot complications and share our results in scientific papers to help others in healthcare.

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