Education & Training Unit

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSME/S) plays a major role in good blood sugar control, empowers people with diabetes and their caregiver to manage their diabetes, and helps in overcoming daily challenges. We closely work with them to set and meet their goals for better quality of life and to prevent or delay the potential acute and chronic diabetes-related complications. It is truly fulfilling when a patient comes back with excitement to share with us how DSME/S has improved their blood sugar. Those moments in diabetes education make what we do so joyful.

Diabetes Educators work closely with patients and the multidisciplinary team to reach optimal glycemic and other metabolic therapeutic targets. The Education and Training Unit offers educational sessions for pediatrics with type 1 diabetes and adults with type 2 diabetes through education clinics. These interactive sessions aim to empower patients to self-manage their diabetes by providing knowledge, motivation, and support.

Educational topics covered in the clinic include optimizing medication and insulin, weight control, glucose levels monitoring, intensive insulin management, insulin pump therapy, prevention and early detection of diabetes complications and diabetes emergencies, stress management, risk reduction, and problem-solving.

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