Strategy Management Office

Our Strategy Management Office (SMO) was established in February 2019 to improve the level of strategy management, strategy alignment, accountabilities, resource coordination and organizational productivity for the overall Institutional Strategy. The SMO’s aim is to act as the pivotal key link in providing precise and transparent communication to all stakeholders with respect to the Institution’s Strategic Plan implementation, Sectorial Workplans strategic alignment and annual deliverables and Quality Assurance across the Institute.

The SMO is responsible for three programs within DDI:

  • DDI Strategic Plan: The SMO streamlines the monitoring and reporting for all programs of work relevant to the DDI Strategic Plan 2018-2023. 
  • DDI Institutional / Sectorial Workplans: The SMO finalizes the DG/Chief approved Institutional /sectorial workplans and communicates with relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • SMO Quality Assurance: The SMO is the lead for the Accreditation Canada QMENTUM International Program, DDI Policy and Procedure management, and International Standard Working Group Updates.

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