Clinical Skills Center

Our Clinical Skills Center (CSC) is a training facility dedicated to meet the growing needs of students, healthcare professionals and the general public for health, safety, and simulation courses. We have partnered with the Kuwaiti Boards to establish the CSC as an optimal place to hold the Residents’ Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

We strive to create a learning ground for our trainees as an approved American Heart Association (AHA) International Training Center and all the courses are registered at Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS).

At the CSC, we aim to

  1. To provide the latest American Heart Association training courses.
  2. To develop clinical training programs for healthcare providers and healthcare students based on the assessed needs.
  3. To provide educational activities for DDI Staff to meet departmental needs.
  4. To provide research opportunities in the field of clinical skills education.
  5. To adapt and continuously upgrade clinical training standards at par with international norms.
  6. To provide OSCE site for Kuwaiti Boards.
  7. To provide health and safety educational programs to the public.
  8. To provide educational related training resources for all departments at DDI.

Our Courses

We value and understand the needs of every healthcare professional and lay person to meet their training needs. Therefore, we have the best facilities, competent instructors, up-to-date training equipment and manikins to achieve this purpose while making sure that our students create a unique experience in every course they take.

Educational courses we offer:

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For course registration:

  1. Participants must go to the Clinical Skills Center Instagram page @CSC_Dasman to check for the details of a course of his or her interest.
  2. In the bio page, click the links to proceed with registration and payment.


If you do not have Instagram, you may proceed directly to My Fatoorah by clicking the button below.

You can find the registration fees and course information on the My Fatoorah button below.

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