Outcome-Based Learning


Interns must be able to demonstrate adequate preparation on scientific knowledge of the clinical contents of the courses and be able to transfer these knowledge during teaching and clinical skills simulation.


Interns will acquire requisite knowledge of the course contents.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns must seek and locate resources useful to secure information (e.g. literature, available modules, electronic resources, discussions, etc.)
  • Interns will identify self-knowledge deficit and areas for improvement of the academic contents of the course.
  • Interns must implement strategies to improve knowledge based on self-assessment, and feedback.
  • Interns must transfer the acquired scientific knowledge of course contents in teaching and course simulation.


Interns will acquire and demonstrate requisite clinical skills and knowledge in clinical skills and simulation.

Objective A

Interns will acquire knowledge necessary to delivery effective teaching skills and simulation.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will demonstrate knowledge used in structured approach to teaching.
  • Interns must describe the four-stage approach for skills teaching.

Objective B

Interns will demonstrate skills necessary to deliver effective skills teaching and simulation, including facilitating discussion, delivering lectures and managing role-play and scenarios.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will apply the structured approach to teaching in lectures, discussion, skills teaching, role-play and scenarios.
  • Interns will apply the four-stage approach in teaching skills with the assistance of the Course Instructor.

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