Simulation Courses

Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time (Banks, Carson, Nelson, Nicol, 2001). Here at CSC, we developed courses that meant to simulate procedures, techniques or operations in clinical setup to develop, practice, and enhance the skills, knowledge, and attitude of learners needed to perform the task in real time.

Vascular Access

Safe Injection Techniques

Nasogastric Tube Insertion (NGT)

Basic Suturing

Advanced Suturing

Urinary Catheterization

Vital Signs

Wound Management


Dosage & Calculations

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

Fluid & Electrolyte Balance

Scrubbing, Gloving & Gowning

Megacode & Team Resuscitation (Part 1)

Megacode & Team Resuscitation (Part 2)

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