Diagnostic Imaging Center

Our Diagnostic Imaging Center (DIC) offers quality radiology investigations to the people of Kuwait. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, delivering quality output. DIC maintains the highest quality of patient care and performs radiology tests in accordance with Canada International (ACI) at the Diamond level standards to ensure quality and safety.

DIC also actively participates research projects and scientific/academic activities of DDI by providing dedicated radiological investigations to support various departments of DDI in their respective research. DIC actively participates in various research projects with other departments. Many of these research projects are in collaboration with foreign universities.

Our highly experienced team assures excellent quality of procedures and reports through highly experienced and competent staff.

We provide services to all patients from hospitals and clinics (Private and Ministry of Health). Although we are a non-governmental organization, our services are offered at prices equivalent to those in MOH. We also provide services to all patients covered by health insurance including Afyaa (See List). Kuwaiti patients of age 60 years and above without any insurance coverage are entertained free of cost with a valid and appropriate request from a doctor.

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