DDI participated in Expo Dubai 2020

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Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) participated in the State of Kuwait’s pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 from January 30th to February 5th 2022. The Institute showcased some of its exerted efforts in combating diabetes in Kuwait, where diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases.

During the Institute’s participation, Dr. Qais Saleh Al-Duwairi, Director-General of DDI, which was established by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, said that the Institute’s participation in the State of Kuwait’s pavilion at Expo Dubai was not limited to highlighting the country’s efforts through the Institute to combat diabetes and the resulting effect that burdens the medical care system as a whole. But also, to shed light on this disease, which the World Health Organization declared as a global epidemic that requires concerted efforts by the whole world to address it. From this standpoint, the Institute’s participation in this important global event was initiated.

On the Institute’s participation in the Kuwait pavilion, Dr. Al-Duwairi said that Expo Dubai has allocated certain weeks to focus on specific topics, and the Institute’s participation comes during the week devoted to health and wellness.

Dr. Al-Duwairi added that the Institute’s participation in the Pavilion is also to contribute to spreading awareness about the causes of diabetes in Kuwait, in addition to presenting Kuwait’s global efforts to combat the disease through structured research and studies and the use of the latest technologies to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and managing its complications for those who live with it.

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