Research Operations &
Project Management

Our department was integrated in the Research Sector to provide administrative support in all areas of DDI research, and to facilitate the communication among the different departments. Working alongside the different research departments and core facilities, the Research Operations and Project Management (ROPM) department is a management platform responsible for standardizing project and operations-related governance processes and enabling the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques.

Our Functions

With the recent re-structuring of the research sector, the ROPM department has acquired new functions, which extend beyond project and operation management support. These functions include: Research Operations, Project Management and Strategy Planning, Library, Education, Training and Profile Management, and Writing and Editing Services.

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Rania Milhem

Rania Milhem

Manager of ROPM

The key objectives of the ROPM Department are to establish, implement and maintain robust supportive platforms across the Research Sector, which include:
1. Research Management System: for research proposals and project management, strategy roll out, implementation and monitoring, research outcome/output reporting
2. Integrated Interface for Research and Operations Sectors: streamline all related operations-related activities within the Research Sector
3. Publication Management and Expert Scientific Writing/ Guidance Platform
4. Library Management, Education and Training Support: a facilitative platform for journal and library access and researcher profiling

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