DDI Researchers Receive Best Poster Award in the 23rd Conference for the Kuwait Dental Association

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Dr. Hend Alqaderi and her research team have recently been acknowledged at the 23rd Kuwait Dental Association Conference. The research poster, titled “Salivary Microbiome Profile and Diversity in Children with and without Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus,” was presented by Dr. Abdullah Alawady DDS and earned the distinguished award for the best poster in basic sciences during the conference’s annual poster competition.


This research reveals the preliminary findings of an ongoing longitudinal study conducted by Dr. Hend Alqaderi and Dr. Khalid Altabtbaei. The project, funded by Dasman Diabetes Institute and supported in-kind by Smile Design in collaboration with the Kuwait Ministry of Health, investigates salivary microbiome dynamics in children with and without diabetes.

The study employed a comprehensive approach, encompassing the collection of saliva samples, dental and periodontal examinations administered by calibrated dentists, and the distribution of validated questionnaires on smoking status, sleep, and dietary habits.

Through advanced sequencing techniques, the team sequenced salivary bacterial genomes and identified bacterial taxa using the Human Oral Microbiome Database. The results unveiled a significant difference in oral microbial profiles between diabetic and non-diabetic children. Particularly, children with diabetes exhibited lower microbial diversity in their saliva compared to their non-diabetic counterparts. The study also identified 20 bacterial taxa that showed noteworthy differences between individuals with diabetes and those without.

Dr. Hend Alqaderi’s dedication to advancing our understanding of salivary microbiome dynamics in the context of diabetes underscores her commitment to cutting-edge research and has earned well-deserved recognition within the scientific community.

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