DDI Research Sector Achievements

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  • Establishment of the Patent and Research Translational Office
  • Founding of the Kuwait National Genome Center (KNGC)
  • Establishment of the Kuwait National Diabetes Registry in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health
  • DDI wins the International Genetic Disorder Prevention Award, under the category: “Most Innovative Research institution” in the field of Genetic Research
  • Coordination of the DDI Summer Internship program, which engaged 25 University students and recent graduates
  • Establishment of key collaborations:
    • Mount Sinai Healthcare
    • Montreal Medical International (MMI), involving the following institutions:
      • McGill University
      • Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
      • Sunnybrook International
      • University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre
      • Montreal Diabetes Research Centre (MDRC)
      • University of Glasgow
  • Obesity Center Amsterdam, Saint Lucas Andreas Hospital
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Harvard Medical School
  • VSL3 Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Actial Farmaceutica Srl)
  • The Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, US
  • Colorado State University, Fort Collins, US
  • Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University

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