DDI Organizes the Gulf Sports Nutrition Conference

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DDI organized the Gulf Conference on Nutrition and Physical Activity to discuss the latest recommendations and results of global research and studies on nutritional trends and exercise, which have a significant impact on better control of diabetes. The conference was held at DDI over a period of three days, with different lectures presented by specialized diabetes nutritionists and researchers. The conference also hosted a number of participating medical professionals from Gulf countries. This conference was a remarkable success and attracted a large segment of healthcare professionals, including doctors, researchers, specialists in the field of nutrition and physical activity, and others.

Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of DDI, delivered the opening speech, where he discussed the Institute’s research projects and the progress that has been made in the field of diabetes research and care.

Dr. Ebaa Alozairi, CMO of DDI, chaired this conference in collaboration with Dr. Abdulnabi Al-Attar. DDI was chosen to host the first Gulf Conference in efforts to encourage nutritional research in Kuwait. The conference was also accredited with Continuing Medical Education (CME) points and the Gulf Diabetes Associations.

The conference shared the latest results of research studies and recommendations in exercise, systems, nutritional supplements, exercises suitable for people with diabetes, the effect of protein, fats and carbohydrates on the quality of exercise, and many other interactive sessions and vital topics.

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