DDI Organizes its Annual World Diabetes Day For the 16th Consecutive Year

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DDI held their annual informative event to commemorate World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2023. This year’s event was held at Al Hamra Tower and Shopping Center. The event allowed visitors to consult with diabetes specialists and dietitians, as well as gather medical information from booths that explained various facts of diabetes and promoted healthy lifestyle modification. In addition, DDI had two booths, one assigned for Clinical Research and the other for Scientific Research to showcase the various research and studies being carried out by the Institute and encourage the public of who are eligible and meet certain criteria to get involved and join DDI’s research and studies and benefit from it. Many of the booths at the event offered various activities and services, such as educating visitors on proper dietary habits, pharmacotherapy counseling, physical activities amongst others. In addition, some of the booths provided blood glucose and blood pressure testing, as well as vital signs assessment. A special thanks to Al Hamra Mall and Shopping Center for hosting this event for the third consecutive year. “Holding such events and activities stems from DDI’s mission statement, where health promotion and awareness are a priority for the Institute. Since its establishment in 2006, the Institute organizes and takes part in many events and campaigns to spotlight on diabetes and its related conditions. This is in accordance with the Institute’s belief that, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’” Dr Qais Al-Duwairi, Director-General of DDI said. The primary goal of the event was to promote awareness about diabetes, work towards achieving long-term positive health outcomes for diabetes management and empowering those affected by diabetes to proactively improve their quality of life.

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