About the Medical Fitness Center

The Medical Fitness Center is a medically-oriented gym that offers high quality services to the public in Kuwait. The Center promotes a healthy lifestyle for the public through the delivery of fitness programs.

We are the ideal fitness center for people with diabetes. Diabetics receive a complete assessment upon joining as well as ongoing monitoring of their vital signs. The Center’s fitness instructors design safe and effective fitness programs for people with diabetes in order to help them improve glycemic control and avoid diabetes complications.


Members can enjoy the following services:

  • Blood tests and ECG.

  • Medical clearance by the MD.

  • Body composition analysis.

  • Anthropometric Measurements.

  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing or 6 minutes-walk test.

  • Exercise prescriptions and individualized exercise programs.

  • Blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring before and after exercise.

  • State of the art gym equipment and walking track.

  • Group exercise classes.

  • Aqua classes.

  • Consultation with a Dietitian.

  • Fitness assessment.

  • Diabetes education for members with diabetes.

Meet Our Trainers

The MFC has six specialized trainers, each with their own background and specialty.


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