International Scientific
Advisory Board

The ISAB is an independent and external scientific advisory board that has been appointed to contribute to strengthening internal research strategy and management capabilities at DDI. This includes:

  • Providing advice and guidance on the overall DDI research agenda and long-term research strategy.
  • Providing advice and guidance on selected research projects, as needed.
  • Promoting and assist fostering multinational collaborative projects as well as active collaboration with local research partners, for instance Kuwait University and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.
  • Advising on research priority areas that form the main research strategy within DDI.

The ISAB members are internationally recognized experts with qualifications, enough authority and legitimacy in relevant diabetes research/management in their respective countries.

Scope and responsibilities:

  1. Identify trends, emerging needs, and opportunities for action
  2. Provide strategic guidance
  3. Assist in defining research priorities, and setting a research and training agenda
  4. Monitor implementation of the DDI strategic research work plan and its progress
  5. Evaluate outcome and impact of DDI research
  6. Review research proposals from DDI, if needed
  7. Review proposals for agreements with collaborating partners

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