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"To prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and related conditions in Kuwait through effective programs of research, training, education, and health promotion and thereby improve quality of life in the population."

Girga'an Event at Dasman Diabetes Institute His Highness the Amir receives Dr Kazem Behbehani who was awarded the Order of the British Empire Diabetes and Tuberculosis: Preventing and Managing a Double Burden - An International Technical Meeting The “Future Diabetes Camp: towards a better tomorrow" Dasman Diabetes Institute Hosts the 2nd GCC INCONET Event The University of Dundee conducting the 9th MsC modules on diabetes care and education at Dasman Diabetes Institute The Future of Diabetes Prevention in Kuwait Symposium The 7th Community Outreach activity, "Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Prevention Campaign" at Sharq Mall Joslin University International second live webcast session from Dasman Diabetes Institute Dasman Diabetes Institute Holds its 2nd Friends of Dasman' Annual Gala Dinner Insulin Pump Therapy Workshops at Dasman Diabetes Institute Prof. Castro visits Dasman Diabetes Institute Dasman Diabetes Institute Celebrates its Official Recognition as a GCC Reference Center for Diabetes Care Dasman Diabetes Institute Holds a Research Project Management Workshop World Kidney Day Event Joslin University International Live Webcast Session from Dasman Diabetes Institute Much More Than an Injection, an advanced workshop The University of Dundee conducting the 8th MsC modules on diabetes care and education at Dasman Diabetes Institute "Bisphenol A and Phthalates Among Pregnant Women in Kuwait" - New Lecture at DDI The DDI Annual Open Day Celebration Marking World Diabetes Day - 2013 The Second Kids and Children Annual Health Festival at the International Fair Grounds Beat Diabetes Walkathon 2013

The World Health Organization (2006) defines eLearning as "The use of any electronic technology and media in support of learning”. However this means many different things to many people. The Dasman Diabetes Institute brand of eLearning is designed to develop a knowledge-based society in Kuwait targeting all age groups and to promote health awareness and healthy lifestyles. It may be delivered in the form of interactive eLearning modules or short clips, using communication tools such as educational videos, compact discs, online websites, online forums, and games.

The Dasman Diabetes Institute has already developed, and is continuing to develop, eLearning programs in different formats and languages on various health subjects and is accumulating an eLearning library. eLearning provides a medium to allow the introduction of health related matters into the school curriculum early in life, and the expectation is that it would help to mould attitudes in younger students and modify behaviour in older students.

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The Dasman Institute has specially created the Little Plato Diary for 2012 as well as the Little Plato Magazine for your little ones. Head over to the Kids Corner to download these and more!


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