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A Message from the DG

At Dasman Diabetes Institute, we strive to accomplish the vision set forth by the late Shiekh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah; therefore, with the continuous support of HH Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, we aim to establish one of the world’s leading research institutes. Throughout this journey, we aspire to achieve excellence in diabetes management and prevention while building the foundation for financial sustainability.
We are confident that we shall achieve high-impact translational research that allows us to “translate” diabetes research and integrate the findings to basic medical practices.
With these findings, DDI aims to actively contribute to the diabetes population in Kuwait as well as the global diabetes research communities.

Dr. Qais AlDuwairi

Director-General of Dasman Diabetes Institute

Our Mission

To address the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait through focused diabetes research, integrated prevention, training and education.

Our Vision

To be the leading diabetes institute in the Gulf region and Middle East.

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Empowerment, Dedication, Collaboration.

DDI Divisions

DDI is comprised of three different divisions. It is a research institute at its core, but contains two other divisions to support the Institute’s Mission. The Research Division has multi-disciplinary functional units to deliver the latest translational research that addresses all aspects of diabetes. The Medical Division uses the latest standards and guidelines to deliver the best diabetes care. The Operations Division supports both Research and Medical Divisions to achieve Mission of DDI.

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DDI has a variety of different venues you can use for your next event. Click on the link below to see what spaces we have available for booking.


DDI’s Partnerships & Collaborations

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with several entities, DDI aims to address the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait and integrate prevention, training and educational initiatives. We also aim to uphold the responsibility to foster the knowledge of our youth on the importance of diabetes prevention, early detection, management and treatment to further reduce the onset of diabetes.

With these collaborations, we aim to lead this dynamic Institute that is dedicated to not only diabetes research but also the promotion and education on the importance of healthy living within the population.

Main Goals

  • Create a platform for diabetes research & education.

  • Increase public awareness on diabetes and its co-morbiditites.

  • Reduce the incidence & prevalence of diabetes.

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Our Partnerships & Collaborations

DDI has partnered with several companies, embassies and organizations to promote diabetes research, awareness, education and healthy living.



DDI offers a variety of educational programs throughout its Domains, each individually tailored to the general public, medical practitioners, care-givers, students, adolescents and children. These programs are designed to deliver the key understandings of diabetes treatment, care and prevention.

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