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DDI’s research is focused on four key areas:

  • Basic Science: Basic science researchers seek to understand fundamental aspects of genetics, molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, and tissue regulation.

  • Translational Research: Translational research facilitates the movement of new ideas and treatments from the laboratory to the clinic, as well as the movement of clinical observations from the clinic to the laboratory.

  • Clinical Research: Pushing the envelope of early detection and treatment, personalized care, and immunotherapy are key to achieving our mission.

  • Prevention and Personalized Risk Assessment: Prevention is a cornerstone of DDI in preventing Diabetes.

Professor Fahd Al-Mulla


Research is the backbone of modern and innovative medicine. At DDI, we apply our knowledge and expertise to further understand diabetes in the Arab population and improve health outcomes. My teams work closely to identify gene variants, clinically relevant biomarkers, dietary components and other risk factors to define new medical approaches to diabetes care. Our scientific investigations are key to developing new diagnostic techniques and preventative medicine.

Collaborate with us!

We actively collaborate with several national and international renowned institutions in the establishment of various scientific and training programs. These collaborations promote healthy scientific communication and are key to establish DDI as a world-class institution for diabetes research. We strive to create an open channel of communication and engage researchers, clinicians and external stakeholders to foster an environment of knowledge transfer and collaboration in the diabetes research community.

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