With the recent re-structuring of the Research Sector, the ROPM department has acquired new functions, which extend beyond project and operation management support:

Research Operations, Project Management and Strategy Planning

All research-related projects are coordinated by the ROPM department, which ensures the appropriate use of resources, establishment of budgets and timelines, compliance with guidelines, analysis of research outputs and overall management of research activities. In addition, the ROPM supports research departments achieve their objectives by monitoring and managing their activities according to the DDI research sector 5-year strategic plan.

Library, Education, Training and Profile Management

In the scope of ROPM, the library provides a collection of print and electronic resources that support the research needs of the Institute and offers a variety of educational programs for effective use of information sources. The library services also coordinate the organization of research scientific programs, seminars and lectures, and catalogue all new publications from DDI.

Publication Management, Writing and Editing Services

ROPM supports researchers delivering their research outputs, in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals, abstracts and presentations in internationally recognized conferences. The writing services provide a streamlined process to facilitate the writing and editing of research publications, by ensuring compliance with plagiarism and ethical guidelines, and improving the overall quality of the manuscripts prior to publication.

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