One of the main approaches in diabetes prevention is maintaining an optimum lifestyle and well-being through healthy eating and exercise. Our Nutrition Unit integrates clinical care with research and audit to ensure we are offering our patients the very best care.

Our unit is also involved in several activities, projects, research collaborations and services.

Our Initiatives

Our Unit actively engages the community in the latest research findings and clinical standards that help influence a healthy lifestyle and promote overall well-being. At our clinics, we educate our patients and help develop their sense of mindful or conscious eating. Through our research studies, we try to understand the effects of behavioral interventions on diabetes management and treatment.

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Nicola Guess

Nicola Guess

Head of Nutrition

Our Nutrition department offers innovative services that are based on the latest research findings. We aim to assist in the maintenance of an optimum lifestyle by promoting healthy eating and exercise to prevent diabetes. Our nutrition services include research projects that aim to put your diabetes in remission, guide and support you through your weight loss journey and teach you how to count your carbohydrates.

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