Interns will develop the knowledge, awareness, and attitude needed to demonstrate professional behavior.

Objective A

Interns will demonstrate behavior that reflects the values and attitudes of a professional employee.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will demonstrate honesty, personal responsibility and adherence to professional values.
  • Interns will conduct self in a professional manner in the clinical skills.
  • Interns will accept responsibility for own actions.
  • Interns will demonstrate concern for the welfare of others e.g. students and peers.
  • Interns will display a consolidation of professional identity as a student-trainer.
  • Interns will demonstrate timeliness to meetings, sessions, supervision, and other professional activities.

Objective B

Interns will relate effectively and meaningfully in their professional relationships among students and colleagues.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will form and maintain effective relationships with students and colleagues within the working environment.
  • Interns will respectfully participate in multidisciplinary meetings.
  • Interns will demonstrate ability to negotiate differences and handle conflict effectively.
  • Interns will demonstrate ability to provide effective feedback to others.
  • Interns will communicate clearly using verbal, nonverbal and written skills in a professional context.
  • Interns will demonstrate flexibility and ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team (director, coordinator, secretary, receptionist.)

Objective C

Interns will exhibit behavior and attitudes consistent with personal and professional self-awareness and self-reflection.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will reflect during and after professional activities.
  • Interns will develop and articulate self-awareness in attitudes, values and beliefs towards others.
  • Interns will demonstrate accurate self-assessment of competence.
  • Interns will demonstrate ability to recognize limits of knowledge and skills.

Objective D

Interns will demonstrate effective and appropriate use of supervision.

Competencies Expected:

  • Interns will be prepared for supervision by Clinical Instructor/Director.
  • Interns will demonstrate the ability to openly and non-defensively accept feedback with Clinical Instructor/Director.
  • Interns will openly discuss areas of strength and weakness with Clinical Instructor/Director.
  • Interns will integrate supervisory feedback to improve skills in teaching or assisting peers.
  • Interns will demonstrate commitment to growth and learning.

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