On the occasion of world diabetes day, Dasman Diabetes Institute organized various in-house celebrations on 25th November 2010.  During this event, many interesting activities took place, such as complementary medical screening, blood testing, nutritional counseling, healthy cooking demonstration and physical exercises.  This event was attended by many people and families of the public.

The purpose of this event was to promote awareness about diabetes in specific and other health issues among the public. In addition, this event included interesting activities to kids, such as; magic show, magic balloons, face painting, Wii game tournaments and others. An interactive educational gallery in the main hall at Dasman Diabetes Institute was displayed as part of this event, where people can learn, feel and explore modern ways of healthy living.

The event also included competitions and valuable prizes for the audience.  Local celebrities were invited and some attended this event.  This event was covered by the press / mass media outlets in Kuwait.