The University of Dundee held its second graduation ceremony at the the Dasman Diabetes Institute.

The graduation marked the successful achievements of over 50 postgraduate students, including the first Masters level graduates. The event marked the pinnacle of three years of hard work and dedication for the students and dignitaries from Kuwait and Scotland joined them to celebrate their achievements.

Diabetes is a significant problem in Kuwait where it has been estimated that up to 1 in 4 of the adult population suffers from the disease. The Dasman Diabetes Institute, has been working in partnership with the University of Dundee since 2011 to to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes in Kuwait.

Program Director Professor Mairi Scott said, “We are delighted to have so many post-graduate Diabetes Care and Education graduates and commend their hard work and dedication. Their success will lead to even greater successes in improving the health of the people of Kuwait. The Kuwait-Scotland relationship goes from strength to strength.”

British Ambassador to Kuwait, His Excellency Matthew Lodge, added, “The hard work, endeavor and expertise pooled by the University of Dundee and Dasman Diabetes Institute has provided a group of graduated students who are able to address some of the healthcare issues which are most topical and pressing in Kuwait and across modern society.”