Many Nephrologists, Diabetologists and other healthcare professionals in Kuwait attended a lecture entitled "The Worldwide Epidemic of Diabetic Kidney Disease" which was presented at Dasman Diabetes Institute by Prof. Prof. Robert Carl Stanton, M.D. Associate Professor, Department of Medicine from Harvard Medical School in the USA. The lecture was held on Monday 14th February 2011. Prof. Stanton during his lecture spoke about the on-going epidemic of diabetic kidney disease. Prof. Stanton also mentioned that the underlying reasons for the rapid increase are not understood. During his talk, Prof. Stanton also spoke about the scope of the epidemic, discussed current treatments, reviewed current areas of research, and presented the major research questions. The proposed mechanistic role of decreased glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity was emphasized in his lecture. The lecture was followed by distribution of CME credited certificates of attendance to the audience.