The “Future Diabetes Camp: towards a better tomorrow”, was held in Kuwait from 15-17 June 2014. Dr Hessa Alkandari, President of Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS) and pediatric endocrinologist at Dasman Diabetes Institute (an affiliate of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences), stated that this was the first time a diabetes camp for children was held in Kuwait. It was organized by KDS in collaboration with the departments of Education and Training, Clinical Services, Nutrition and Public Relations at Dasman Diabetes Institute. Twenty two boys aged 11 to14 years and affected by type 1 diabetes, participated in a full 3-days’ camp accompanied by a team of pediatric endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators, nutritionists and nurses from KDS and Dasman Diabetes Institute and volunteers from the Blue Circle campaign under the Young Leaders’ program of IDF. Children engaged in multiple activities, like swimming, basketball training, bowling and a visit to the Scientific Centre. Diabetes camps provide a safe place and offer a rich experience for children with diabetes to develop their self-management skills, independence, group-bonding, and team building in an atmosphere of adventure and fun. Dasman Diabetes Institute is active on the social media outlets, such as Instagram and Facebook @dasmaninstitute.