Dr. Fahad Al-Ghimlas (Chair of the 1st Kuwait Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshop ‘Improving Your Patient Care Through EBCP’; Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and Director of the Fitness and Rehabilitation Center at Dasman Diabetes Institute). This workshop is organized and held at the Dasman Diabetes Institute during December 4-6 2012 in collaboration with the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization and McMaster University (Canada). The workshop incorporates learning the essential concepts of clinical epidemiology and critical appraisal skills. This event focuses on the physicians in-training and includes large group presentations and small group tutorials.
The objectives of the workshop target the attendees to be able to tailor an appropriate research study design to address specific research questions, and to practice critical appraisal of the scientific literature. Eventually, the skills acquired by the attending doctors will translate into better implementation of the scientific medical literature and patient care. Dasman Diabetes Institute has this workshop as one of its unique initiatives and state-of-the-art events in collaboration with prestigious universities. The Institute will organize another similar event focusing on improving teaching skills for the clinicians in association with Harvard University.