Program Overview

The goal of the DDI Internship program is to provide students with a dynamic experiential internship in preparation for a career in biomedical and clinical research by developing core practice skills.

There are many diverse diabetes research projects and initiatives at the DDI covering topics such as and T1D, T2D, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes complications, such as childhood and adolescent obesity and diabetes clinical trials. At DDI, interns will be supervised to work specifically on one of the approved on-going research projects but also can gain an overview of all the research activities and surveillance conducted at the Institute.

The specific duties of each DDI intern will vary depending on his/her placement within the research and medical units, but the following list provides an insight into the scope and breadth of the opportunities:

The specific duties of each DDI intern will vary depending on his/her placement within the research units, but the following list provides an insight into the scope and breadth of the opportunities:

  • Attendance at research seminars, Journal club meetings attended by DDI staff to develop a deeper understanding of the current research projects;

  • Identification and application of research principles and practices;

  • Develop an understanding of diabetes and related complications and integrated prevention.

The DDI offers to accommodate 20 of interns each year as a full-time starting from morning 7.30 am to 3.00 pm.

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Internship Session Timelines & Application Deadlines

The DDI offers a 2 months internship  session during the year conducted in summer. The start and end dates of the internships are as follows in the timelines (see table below).

The internship begins with first week of June including one day orientation and introduction to the DDI research labs and core facilities, 3 days teaching sessions on lab safety and quality procedures.  And followed by rotation with Biobank, Library & Research Core Facilities.  This opportunity will enable all interns to meet their fellow interns and the research and medical staff at the DDI Institute.

Starting from 2nd week, the interns will be assigned to join specific chosen unit. Upon which, he/she will be supervised by unit head on an approved on-going research project.

Internship Session Internship Timeline Application Open Application Deadline
Summer June- July (2 months)  February 1 April 30

Working Hours

To ensure that the intern maximizes his/her experience at the DDI, the internship commitment is for 8 weeks as full time.

The working hours between 7.30 am to 3.00 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must complete the Internship Application Form and submit all documents requested before the posted deadlines. Please read the information on this page before submitting your application.

All applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and selected applicants will be notified via email. If you are applying outside the formal internship application time line, your application will be reviewed when received and our Internship Coordinator will respond to you as soon as possible.


The applicant has to choose one of the sector, either Research Sector or Medical sector, once you choose the sector you may have to choose 2 specializations out of which one will be assigned to you for your summer Internship as field of specialization at DDI. Please refer below specializations.

Research Sector Medial Sector
  1. Genetics and Bioinformatics
  2. Microbiology and Immunology
  3. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  4. Population Health (Epidemiology, and Maternal and child Research)
  5. Animal and Imaging Core Facility
  6. Special Services Facilities (Biobank, Statistics and Omics)
  1. Diagnostics Imaging Center
  2. Life Style
  3. Clinical Services (Podiatry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory)
  4. Training and Education
  5. DAFNE
  6. Clinical Care Research & Trials


In addition to the online application form, the Interns are required to submit the below mandatory documents:

  • Academic Certificate

  • Civil ID

  • CV

  • Copy of HBV titer (Hepatitis report)


For questions regarding Internship program and registration, please contact the Internship Coordinator.

Dr. Veeramani Marimuthu
Dr. Veeramani MarimuthuHead of Library services and Internship Coordinator
Phone: 22242999 Ext: 6066