A press conference was held at Dasman Diabetes Institute on 29th July 2012 to support the Pumps4Kids Campaign. According to recent statistics, 90% of diabetic Kuwaiti kids are living without insulin pumps, which means that every kid takes an average of 1,500 insulin injections per year. That’s almost 5 needle injection PER DAY.

Diabetes is a very tough and life-long chronic disease, without a cure so far. All that we can do is for our kids is provide them with an easier life, and a way to better manage their sickness.

Taking insulin injections is a very painful and tiring way to live by. An insulin pump takes care of both the dosage and pain. It mimics the body’s natural way of providing insulin, so kids can live and eat as close to normal as possible.

• The Pumps 4 Kids Campaign is from July 27th to Augst 25th, 2012.
• Donations are collected through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society and through Zain.
• Donations will be given to Dasman Diabetes Institute, which will buy the pumps and train the kids on how to use them.
• We have 3,500 diabetic kids in Kuwait, of which only 700 (and that’s including adults too) have insulin pumps.

This is a legitimate charity campaign, spearheaded by the KRCS and Dasman Institute. You can be 100% assured that your funds will be collected and used for the purpose you donated them for. You can donate through the following:

Bank Account Donations:

Bank Name: National Bank of Kuwait / Kuwait
Beneficiary Name: Kuwait Red Crescent Society
Account no: 1000314313
IBAN: KW97 NBOK 0000 0000 0000 1000314313

Bank Name: Kuwait Finance House / Kuwait
Beneficiary Name: Kuwait Red Crescent Society
Account no: 011010563920
IBAN: KW40 KFHO 0000 0000 00011010563920

Zain Telecom SMS Donations:

Send D to 99935 from any Zain Mobile phone. Each message will be a 1KD donation to the Pumps 4 Kids campaign.