A good stretch of the Gulf Road was dressed in blue early yesterday morning, as over 8,000 people joined the fifth annual “Beat Diabetes Walkathon”. The event, which was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Health and Dasman Diabetes Institute, marked a very successful completion for the fifth year in a row. The Beat Diabetes walkathon marks the culmination of a year-long timeline of diabetes awareness drives and activities.

We have been witnessing its growing popularity year after year and today it has become an annual event anticipated by thousands of people who are keen on fighting diabetes and contributing in spreading diabetes awareness within the public. I would like to extend our appreciation and thank every person who joined us at the walk to spread the message and support the campaign”. Dr Kazem Behbehani (OBE), Director-General of Dasman Diabetes Institute, stated: “Dasman Diabetes Institute does not hesitate to promote and shed light on the awareness of diabetes and general health amongst the public.

The involvement of the Institute in the ‘Beat Diabetes Walkathon’ stems from our mission to improve the lifestyle of the population of Kuwait. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and physical activity such as the walkathon, is essential in living well with Diabetes.” Qualified trainers from the Fitness First led a mass warm-up session prior to the walk. Upbeat music added a fun element to the morning activity. Participants were also provided with complimentary t-shirts & caps in blue, the colour that symbolises the cause universally, and a healthy breakfast.