Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) and Kuwait Finance House (KFH) organized an event for the World Diabetes Day to raise awareness at Baitak Tower, on Wednesday, 12th November 2014. The successful event was attended by a large crowd that included KFH staff and other employees from companies located in Kuwait City. Among the attendees was CEO Mazen Al-Nahedh, in addition to a number of dieticians, diabetes specialists, and several public and private sector authorities.

This step underlines Dasman Diabetes Institute and KFH’s keenness to warn against diabetes and its symptoms, since it has a negative impact on the health of people, the economy, and society; especially that a large segment of the Kuwaiti society suffer from diabetes. KFH firmly believes in the important of health, since it is linked to sustainable and social development.

It is worth noting that KFH has been holding this event for the past six years. Small clinics were setup at Baitak Tower to allow the public to undergo examinations, and those clinics were manned by Dasman Diabetes Institute, Amiri Hospital, Kuwait Diabetes Care Team, and other institutions.