The Operations Sector

The Operations division in DDI plays a crucial role in the Institute. The Mission of the team rests in being ‘enablers’ to meet institutional objectives and a partner in supporting the Mission, Vision and Values of DDI. The team serves in various capacities of operations including Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Material Management and Procurement and General Services. The team also coordinates maintenance, upgrades and contractual duties of all scientific and medical equipment through the Bio Medical equipment and maintenance services. The team ethos is adoption of best practices and innovative solutions to drive continuity and sustainability of the work carried out in DDI. The Institute has undergone multiple expansion and renovation exercises in infrastructure to enable key scientific projects and also remains up to date in all facets of IT solutions and programs by using Cloud-based and other enterprise platforms. The hire of top talent and training across divisions in DDI have added depth to the capabilities and resources of the institute through its people.

Operational activities carried out by the operations team are coordinated under the guidance of the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Operations Departments:

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Informational Technology Collaborations

  • Kuwait University

    DDI’s information technology department continues to collaborate with KU (College of Computing Sciences and Engineering) to support students in accomplishing their internship programs that help them to gain knowledge on all IT specialties and choose their career path accordingly.

  • Myca

    Myca is one of the leader in providing EHR system for outside patient, hence DDI has collaborated with them for customizing their EHR system to a new module that will be more specialized in diabetes care and research.

  • University of Canberra- the GeoHealth Initiative

Bio Medical Engineering Collaborations

  • MOH

    DDI has a written agreement with the Ministry of Health, Kuwait, which enables us to act as a special hospital under the ministry’s budget. This allows us to order equipment and new devices under the ministry’s budget as per their rules and regulations.