Dasman Diabetes Institute in Collaboration with Harvard University organized a lecture titled “Quality Improvement in 2013: Raising the Bar”. The lecture was held in Dasman Diabetes Institute on Sunday, 8th December, 2013, and was presented by Prof. Mark Zeidel, the Herman Ludwig Blumgart Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Physician-in-Chief and Chairman of the Department of Medicine. Essentially, Dr. Zeidel has brought a huge number of innovations to the patient care arena. Under his leadership, the following areas were developed:

– Virtually eliminated central catheter-related infections (these used to cause major complications and patient deaths)
– Virtually eliminated respirator-linked pneumonias
– Has initiated what he calls “trigger watch” to monitor the inpatients closely and has reduced to almost zero the cardiac arrests occurring on the inpatient floors by transferring the patients to ICU BEFORE such events may take place.

More than 150 healthcare professionals, academics and staff members attended the lecture.