Dasman Diabetes Institute in collaboration with Harvard University recently organized a two-day symposium, titled “Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes and its Complications: Insights from Monogenic Diseases and Population Studies”. It was co-organized by Harvard Associate Professor of Medicine, Dr. Denker in collaboration with Dr. Phillip Beales of University College, London and Dasman’s Dr. Osama AlSmadi as well as Dr. Bahareh Azizi under the leadership of Dr. Kazem Behbehani. The symposium reflected an burgeoning partnership between BIDMC and Dasman Diabetes Institute, championed by Dr. Antoine Tony Kaldany in collaboration of the Division of Clinical Informatics under the leadership of Dr. Charles Safran.

Harvard Professor of Medicine, Dr. Pollack’s talks focused on “Kidney Disease in Africans and African Americans” and the “Genetics of Glomerular Kidney Disease;” Harvard’s Dr. Rosen’s talks explored the “Epigenetics of Insulin Resistance” and “Brown Fat as Potential Therapy for Diabetes;” and Dr. Denker served as workshop organizer and moderator, and he led a seminar for Dasman Diabetes Institute’s staff on giving research presentations. Other workshop speakers included Dr. Phillip Beales, an internationally-recognized investigator in medical genetics from University College London; Dr. Anas Alyousef of the Kuwait Nephrology Association and Dr. Osama Alsmadi, a prominent genetics researcher and the head of Dasman’s genomics laboratory. The symposium was attended by over 80 participants, including faculty, staff and students from Dasman and the University of Kuwait, and interested members of the public.