A lecture entitled “Management of Inflammation” was held recently at Dasman Diabetes Institute.  The lecture was given by Dr. Thomas Van Dyke, from the Forsyth Institute on Sunday, 5th December 2010.

An abstract of Dr. Thomas Van Dyke’s lecture of his lecture is as follows: “It has become clear in recent years that many of the diseases of aging, including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and loss of teeth (periodontitis) are inflammatory diseases.  As our understanding of pathways of inflammation has matured, a better understanding of the molecular basis of resolution of inflammation has emerged.  Resolution of inflammation is an active; agonist mediated well-orchestrated return of tissue homeostasis.  A growing body of research suggests that chronic inflammatory disease involves a failure of resolution pathways to restore homeostasis.

This presentation will review resolution of inflammation in the context of Type 2 diabetes and periodontal disease and the potential for modification of resolution pathways for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases”.  The lecture was attended by many scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals from various health institutions, hospitals and clinics around Kuwait.  The lecture was followed by presentation of certificates of attendance with CME credits.