Dasman Diabetes Institute recently hosted Prof. Sir Andrew James McMichael, Professor of Molecular Medicine, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, U.K. Prof. Sir McMichael presented a lecture titled “HIV Vaccine Development” at Dasman Diabetes Institute on Thursday, 25th April, 2013. During the lecture, Prof. Sir McMichael highlighted that “HIV is a major cause of disease throughout the world. Drug treatments control but do not cure the infection. Unfortunately drug treatment is not readily available to all and the infection continues more or less unchecked. Therefore there is an urgent need for a vaccine but this has not yet been possible. This lecture will describe the problem and the current approaches to finding a vaccine. With greatly increased scientific understanding of the infection, there is now a better chance than ever that a vaccine is not too distant.”

Many scientists, researchers, academics and healthcare professionals from different clinics and hospitals around Kuwait attended this lecture.