The Kuwait Health Network (KHN) teams started training Healthcare professionals to use the robust Clinical Informatics Platform, KHN. Over 35 participants have been trained on the use of the innovative application and the numbers are rising as more practices and centers join the network and “get-connected”!

The Kuwait Health Network (KHN) service demonstrates how existing healthcare data can be turned into a service to coordinate and improve long-term conditions care in Kuwait.

The service integrates existing data flows, and where necessary supports the collection of new clinical data sets for inter-disciplinary team working. It also supports real time audit, access to eLearning material and will provide patient access to their own medical data, and support tools linked to healthy living initiatives.

The vision of this system is to provide access to comprehensive clinical data from multiple healthcare providers through world-class eHealth information services and blend the best of the available eLearning content from Kuwait, the University of Dundee and the NHS in Scotland. You may read more about the platform here.