The Dasman Diabetes Institute hosted Prof. Simon Heller Professor of Clinical Diabetes, Director of R & D, from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, who presented two lectures titled “Hypoglycaemia in Type 2 Diabetes, Morbidity & Mortality” and “Developing And Researching Complex Educational Interventions In Diabetes: Experience From UK”.
The lectures were held in the auditorium of the Dasman Diabetes Institute on 15th of January 2012. With diabetes at such a high rate in Kuwait, these lectures were beneficial for all those who attended.
Prof. Heller discussed during his presentation, about the risks of hypoglycaemia in individuals starting insulin treatment are significantly lower than in those with Type 1 diabetes and comparable to those taking sulphonylureas. However as duration of insulin treatment increases, so does the risk of severe episodes.
The potential risks of hypoglycaemia should be considered by clinicians caring for individuals with Type 2 diabetes both when discussing glycaemic goals and glucose lowering therapy. Although aiming for near normal levels of glucose using sulphonylureas and insulin may be appropriate in those at low risk, potentially vulnerable patients may better off receiving treatments which don’t have an accompanying risk of hypoglycaemia.
He also introduced a framework published by the Medical Research Council in the UK. In Type 1 diabetes he spoke about the development of the DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) course from the successful 5 day structured training structured training programme in intensive insulin therapy and self-management pioneered in Düsseldorf. The underlying principle is that patients should acquire the skills to manage their condition entirely independently and be able to eat with the same dietary freedom as those without diabetes.
The lecture was attended by many health care professionals who received certificates of attendance with CME credits.