Dasman Diabetes Institute held a two-day workshop on Monday and Tuesday, 23rd – 24th April 2012, on the WHO-guided Good Governance for Medicine Program. The program was launched in 2004 towards increasing transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical sector, and is part of the broader international development and health agenda of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Kuwait joined the program in Dec, 2010, and is one of its sponsors. Dasman Diabetes Institute carried out the assessment phase of the program in collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy in Kuwait University. The workshop was attended by Dr Omar Al-Said Omar, Assistant Undersecretary for Medicines and Medical Supplies Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Kuwait, Dr Kazem Behbehani, Director General of Dasman Diabetes Institute in addition to regional representatives of WHO and many pharmacists in Kuwait. Dr Behbehani said the government of Kuwait is committed to transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical sector, “and the institute recognizes the importance of good governance in healthcare.” The director general added Dasman Diabetes Institute brings together public and private sectors, academics and civil societies to foster innovation, economic growth and improve the quality of life. Presenting a global and regional perspective on good governance for medicines, WHO regional representative, Dr Mohammed Ramzi, said the pharmaceutical sector is a magnet for corruption due to the huge market demand for medicines.