The Nutrition Department of the Dasman Diabetes Institute, which was founded by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) in 2006, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Diabetes Society, held their annual Girga’an celebration for children with diabetes and their families in Kuwait. Many excited children attended the event enriched with educational and cultural games followed by a theatrical performance.

This performance included classic favorites like Cinderella and her prince; Jasmine and Aladdin; and Mickey Mouse and others. It was also followed by an interactive magic show. The event was also brought to life by stations for Henna art, face-painting, balloon making, and a station where the children were able to take pictures with the attending characters. In addition to the stations, the organizers of the event ensured a variety of activities that took all age groups into consideration.

The kids also enjoyed an appearance from “Abu Tubaila”, a traditional character in every Kuwaiti Ramadan; they sang with him while he played his drum.

The event came to an end with a reenactment of a traditional Kuwaiti wedding followed by the distribution of Girga’an gift bags and prizes. Under the leadership of DDI’s Director General Dr. Kazem Behbehani, Dr. Roula Barake, the Nutrition Department Director, emphasized the importance of holding such an event for children with diabetes at Dasman Diabetes Institute.

She stated that this event is important to make children and their families aware that they can enjoy Girga’an and similar event under specialized supervision. She also commended the Kuwaiti Diabetes Society’s team for their contribution in this event with leadership from Dr. Hessa. She also thanked the Nursing Departments for providing assistance to test the guests’ blood glucose levels, and the Public Relations Department and the building Management and Maintenance Unit for their great efforts and continuous support. Special thanks went to DDI’s highly specialized, professional Nutritionists for preparing, organizing, and making this spectacular evening happen.

This event was characterized by teamwork and youth involvement. It encouraged the Kuwaiti youth to volunteer; thus, reflecting a unified Kuwaiti society. Groups like “Sawa’dna” and “Mostajid USA” gave a lending hand.

Last but not least, the event was marked by the efforts of the youth in the Student Ambassador Program, specifically those in the nutrition department. This program is the first of its kind here at DDI; it targets training Kuwait’s youth and preparing them to become ambassadors and diffusers of our mission here in Dasman. They are to become an active part of Kuwait’s health environment by spreading awareness and educating the people in the prevention of Diabetes.