Since 2011, the University of Dundee, a world leader in clinical diabetes care and diabetes research, in partnership with the Dasman Diabetes Institute (which was established by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences “KFAS”), with its mission to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes in Kuwait have created and delivered a Postgraduate Master’s program in Diabetes Care, Education and Management. This program is available to a wide range of Kuwait based healthcare professionals who study part time while in work. Through face-to-face and innovative blended, interactive teaching, the program enables healthcare professionals to provide more effective care for their patients. They gain specialized knowledge of diabetes along with educational and management training that supports them in effective communication with colleagues and patients.

Throughout their studies students undertake multiple work-based development projects as assignments with the aim of immediately improving and developing diabetes healthcare provision and reflective practice throughout healthcare practices in Kuwait. So far, over 300 students have enrolled on the program and collectively they have achieved over 1000 work-based projects, directly impacting diabetes care in Kuwait.

The fourth Graduation Ceremony held yesterday marks the successful achievements of 48 new graduates who join a group of 139 total graduates across Kuwait. The program still aims to deliver transformational change within the Kuwaiti healthcare system, with a specific focus on diabetes.

Students continue to encourage change through their workplace based projects, publishing dissertation outcomes through journals. For all students the Graduation at the Dasman Diabetes Institute is the pinnacle of three years of hard work and dedication and Sunday’s celebration brings together dignitaries from across Kuwait and Scotland to celebrate their considerable achievements.