Dr. Pratik Choudhary, a Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Diabetes from King’s College London, gave a scientific symposium at DDI titled “Integrating Psychology and Technology into Diabetes Consultation.”

Dr. Pratik Choudhary has a special interest in the epidemiology of hypoglycaemia and the management of patients with problematic hypoglycaemia, with clinical and research program involving education, psychology and technology. He has been involved with DAFNE-HART, REPOSE and now with the DAFNE+ research programs. His other research interests include the investigation of mechanisms of hypoglycaemia unawareness, including the use of neuroimaging to explore brain responses to hypoglycaemia and studies developing psychological and pharmacological interventions to improve or restore hypoglycaemia awareness. He has a keen interest in the use of new technology and social media in diabetes, and has been involved in studies of new technologies such as new pumps and sensors. He leads the service for type 1 diabetes with a particular interest in patients with problematic hypoglycemia. He is also diabetes lead for the islet and pancreas transplant programs.