Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) held a mock evacuation drill in the building on Thursday 26/10/2017 in cooperation with the Department of Civil Defense, Ministry of Interior, and the General Directorate of Fire and Emergency Medical Administration, Ministry of Health.

The five-storey building, which includes clinics, medical and research laboratories, pharmacy and health club, was evacuated. The large number of employees, auditors, and willing visitors were gathered at the assembly point with the assistance of the Civil Defense Department of the Ministry of Interior. The drill included first-aid from the Emergency Medical Department of the Ministry of Health and fire drill to ensure the safety of the building. The DDI Emergency and Safety Committee, a task force was formed within the Institute, was formed to spread the culture of how to deal in emergencies and mass evacuation.

The Director General of DDI, Dr. Qais Saleh Al-Duwairi, stressed that training on the evacuation process contributes to spreading the culture of safety within the Institute. He pointed out that these measures come in the interest of the Institute to raise awareness of prevention in the procedures of security and safety of staff. It is also vital to understand how to deal with emergencies and crises through the implementation of a short evacuation under the supervision of the competent authorities to reduce the occurrence of casualties during those events. The Institute has spread awareness through training lectures with the Department of Civil Defense in the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Fire and Emergency Medical Department in the Ministry of Health before the evacuation.

Dr. Qais Saleh Al-Duwairi thanked all participants from the General Directorate of Fire and Civil Defense, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior for their contribution to the success of the evacuation.

We would love to also acknowledge the participation of the director of fire brigade Al Asimah, Brigadier Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shatti and the participation of two centers Hilali and Medina in the presence of Lt. Col. Bashar Nafi, Major Yacoub Shuaib, Captain Khalifa Al-Bahwah, Captain Bader Al-Hasawi and Lieutenant Talal Said.