Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) partakes and co-organizes the 15th International Diabetes Epidemiology Symposium 2017 by the International Diabetes Epidemiology Group in Abu Dhabi. DDI is the leader in establishing change in Kuwait in the fight against Diabetes. The Institute, established in 2006, was developed as a central focal point for fighting the epidemic, integrating a more multidisciplinary approach towards the disease. The idea was to build an Institute in which research, educational initiatives and clinical services are encompassed under one roof. From an outside perspective, the staff at Dasman Diabetes Institute range from scientists performing research on various aspects of the disease, clinicians working with patients towards methods of treatment as well as prevention, educators providing patients and healthcare professions with educational and training courses, to fitness experts working with patients towards lifestyle changes. The interdisciplinary collaborative setting developed for combating this disease provides patients, adults and adolescents with the resources to not only receive the best treatment possible, but the ability to fully understand the scope of their condition.