Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)

The Dasman Diabetes Institute (001) Office for Regulatory Affairs (ORA) supports senior management, staff, students, and trainees in their commitment to follow DDI policies and standards of conduct to ensure they act ethically and in compliance with all applicable Ethics Committees laws’ and regulations. The Office’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing and coordinating the efforts of the Ethical Review Committee (ERC) and Animal Care & Ethics Committee (ACEC).

  • Identifying regulatory compliance obligations of research activities.

  • Ensuring that the principal investigators and their team members are trained for conducting research according to the policies and procedures of DDI and Good clinical practice as per the ICH guidelines.

  • Monitoring and auditing of ethical aspect of research activities.

  • Establishing procedures to prevent, investigate, and correct non-compliance in research activities.

  • Investigating and resolving compliance issues.

ORA Scope

Research-related relationships are reviewed and assessed by the ERC and ACEC to determine whether an actual conflict of interest exists.

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Accreditation Canada (ACI)

Accreditation is an approach used by many health care and social services organizations. At Accreditation Canada International (ACI), the program is designed to improve client outcomes and health system performance. It helps the entire organization work together to create a focus on safety and quality.

QMENTUM International Accreditation Program is built on the philosophy of quality improvement, knowledge transfer, and capacity building. It engages a wide range of staff members, from leadership and professionals to managers and front line personnel, having a profound impact throughout the organization.

Dasman Diabetes Institute has completed two full cycles to date. Each ACI QMENTUM cycle is completed within a 3 year period. The Institute uses the program to identify areas of strength and areas for further improvement based on the results.

In November 2015, DDI completed the second cycle for ACI and was awarded Platinum Level with Conditions.

Platinum level is awarded when the Institute demonstrates that it has built on the elements of quality & safety and emphasized key elements of: client centered care, consistency in the delivery of services through standardized processes, and client and employee decision making involvement.

GCC Reference Center

On January 8, 2014, DDI received official accreditation and recognition as a Referencing Collaborating Center. This was declared by the Executive Board of the Health Ministers’ Council for Cooperation Council States. DDI is now recognized as a Center of Excellence and Reference for diabetes mellitus in the GCC countries.

This affirmation was given for the continuous efforts which add to the progress and development that the Institute is striving for, to raise the standards of health, medicine and science in our beloved country, Kuwait.

Partnerships & Collaborations

DDI has collaborated with several organizations, companies, embassies and governmental entities to deliver key messages defined in its Mission statement.

DDI will continue to foster relationships and partnerships to increase public awareness, reduce the incidence and prevalence of diabetes and its co-morbidities, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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DDI Annual Reports

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