Our Partnerships & Collaborations

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with several entities, DDI aims to address the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait and integrate prevention, training and educational initiatives. We also aim to uphold the responsibility to foster the knowledge of our youth on the importance of diabetes prevention, early detection, management and treatment to further reduce the onset of diabetes.

With our past and current collaborations, we aim to lead this dynamic Institute that is dedicated to not only diabetes research but also the promotion and education on the importance of healthy living within the population.

Below is a list of all DDI collaborations to date. 

Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, The Republic of Mauritius

DDI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, The Republic of Mauritiusfor a collaborative exchange in research, prevention, training, health promotion, and patient care/management related to diabetes and its complications.

Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)

PACI, in collaboration with the Kuwait Municipality and Ministry of Planning, signed an agreement with DDI to develop a geographical health system, where health statistics and data can be extracted, to be used for research purposes in DDI.

Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain

DDI signed a Memorandum of Understanding for planning collaborative research, in addition to educational and training activities of mutual interest.

Florida International University, United States of America

DDI has signed Memorandum of Understanding in agreement of scientific and academic cooperation to establish researcher exchange, and cooperation in research.

Qingdao Endocrine & Diabetes Hospital at Qingdao (QEDH), China

DDI signed a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage both parties and facilitate close cooperation with respect to research projects of interest to both DDI and QEDH.

Prime Advanced Learning Institute (PALI)

PALI is a certified private training institute that launched a new partnership with DDI, to deliver world-class education and interactive learning in the Clinical Skills Center at the Institute.

Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LOYAC)

DDI upholds the responsibility to foster the knowledge of the future leaders of Kuwait. Therefore, we continuously support LOYAC’s mission to empower the youth of Kuwait by providing internship programs that aim expand their personal and professional skills while maintaining adequate exposure to the career development process. DDI also supports LOYAC’s awareness programs and activities.

ZAIN Telecom

DDI has collaborated with ZAIN Telecom to launch the DDI/ZAIN Diabetes Mobile Clinic that aims to promote diabetes awareness and education.

DDI and Zain have also partnered in the mHealth Initiative. The objective of the mHealth initiative is to: Support Innovation system, Research, Education and to empower the population of Kuwait. Further, utilization of ICT will enable Dasman Institute & Zain Telecom to reach a larger population in a more efficient manner.

Ministry of Health (MOH)

DDI continuously collaborates with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to promote diabetes awareness and stress on the importance of healthy living within the population through education. DDI promotes the education of MOH care providers by offering training and education programs in the latest diabetes guidelines, standards and care models.

Kuwait University (KU)

DDI continues its collaborative efforts with Kuwait University (KU) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to deliver lectures, workshops, seminars and internship programs for students and healthcare professionals of all backgrounds. DDI’s Research Division continues to collaborate with KU to deliver the latest research projects.

Kuwait National Guard (KNG)

DDI continues to collaborate with the Kuwait National Guard to provide health campaigns for its staff and the public. These health campaigns aim to promote awareness about diabetes and its related co-morbidities. DDI and KNG have partnered in several campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness on diabetes treatment, management and prevention. Both parties use this platform to stress the importance of lifestyle modifications for persons with diabetes.

DDI and KNG have also partnered in preparation for the operation of its new Diabetes Center, the Education & Training Department. DDI continues to support the training and education of the KNG nursing team, dietitians and care providers.

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

DDI has collaborated with KISR to deliver key diabetes awareness messages to the participants of the Internship Program.

Ministry of Health of Cuba

In collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Health, DDI has signed an agreement to rely on the experience of 10 nurses trained in the safe management and treatment of the diabetic foot. These nurses will assist the trained Podiatrists at DDI.

Ministry of Education (MOE)

DDI continues its cooperation with the MOE in its efforts to promote healthy living through and diabetes awareness. DDI hosts lectures, workshops and training programs for school kids, teachers, nurses and parents to deliver the key messages specified in the Mission statement.

European Commission

DDI has maintained the role of organizing host for the European commission’s activities in science, technology and innovation. The Institute is the Leader of the Work program 2 (WP2) -Building on best practices towards the future: Clustering within the selected research priorities towards HORIZON 2020.

DDI has also participated in the Third Project Coordination Board Meeting of the Science &Technology International Cooperation Network 2 (INCONET-GCC2), organized in Brussels.

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA)

DDI collaborated with Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) to revise and enhance a business plan to establish a comprehensive program for diabetes care and research in Kuwait.  As a response to the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait, DDI proposed the initiation of this program to support several initiatives focused on creating awareness, training local professionals, and introducing international best practices in prevention and care of diabetes. In line with the DDI and KDIPA’s parameters, this initiative offered long-term sustainable value to Kuwait such as: meaningful partnership with Strategic Partners and KDIPA Obligors, high research content and Knowledge transfer, and training of Kuwaiti nationals.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Health Behavior in School Aged Children (HBSC)

DDI has taken part in a research collaboration with the World Health Organization forming a linked project: The Health Behaviors in School Aged Children project.

The project’s primary aim was, “to better understand the health status of the young and identify health behaviors that affect their health in their social context.”

Ministry of Information (MOI)

DDI continues to raise awareness on diabetes management and prevention to the community by utilizing the media resources offered by the Ministry of Information. DDI Research and Medical divisions have appeared on KTV1, KTV2 and KTV3 to promote DDI’s mission.

Joslin Diabetes Center & Harvard Medical School

Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Ministry of Health and DDI have collaborated to deliver an innovative program applying a “do it at your own pace blended e-learning style” which focuses on knowledge exchange. This program was tailored for Health Care Professionals providing Diabetes Care in Primary Healthcare Centers.

Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS)

DDI continues to collaborate with the Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS) to promote awareness of the similar cause, diabetes. The two groups aim to implement the latest guidelines and practices in diabetes care and management. DDI and KDS also work together to organize and support campaigns for children and adolescents.

Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network (KSeHIN)

The Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network (KSeHIN) is a partnership between: Dasman Diabetes Institute, Ministry of Heath, Kuwait; the University of Dundee, NHS Tayside, Scotland, UK; and Aridhia Informatics Ltd. This network aimed to create: capacity building through training and development of Healthcare professionals, effective and safe treatment of patients through real time integration of clinical and administrative information services for disease management, audit and governance.

Childhood Diabetes Registry

The Childhood Diabetes Registry is another collaborative project developed by Aridhia Informatics Ltd. to create a Diabetes eRegistry Childhood Onset Diabetes Registry. This projects aimed to: establish an electronic record linkage of multiple data sources to create a diabetes register for Newly, diagnosed Children and Youth with Diabetes, provide robust and timely information on the epidemiology of diabetes and its complications and to monitor the disease across time, estimate the cost effectiveness of intervention and provide an essential tool for research, prediction of future incidence of this disease, and enable adequate fund allocation for delivery of care to be planned.

Hospital Information System ReportWriter

In Collaboration with Joslin, Shapiro Institute and Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians HMFP a fullfledged electronic health record ReportWriter is in implementation at Dasman Institute. Some of the modules are: Registration, Scheduling, Physician notes, Nursing notes and Pharmacy module

PG Med Certificate/diploma/MSc Diabetes Care and Education

The vision of the education programme is to provide clinical leadership, educational quality improvement and research training to Kuwaiti healthcare professionals (HCPs). The programme has been designed to allow HCPs to remain in their current jobs within Kuwait to encourage participation and ensure that the students’ learning can be immediately applied within their current practice. The course has a modular structure allowing students to choose the topics most suited to their own professional developmental needs while ensuring they develop knowledge of clinical, educational, leadership and organisational theories relevant to the multidisciplinary team approach for the management of chronic diseases. The students receive a week of teaching in a purpose-built facility at the Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) from University of Dundee faculty and supported by members of the DDI, local HCPs and patients. The students then undertake a work-place based project on which they are assessed, requiring them to implement the theories, models and information discussed within the teaching.

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