The Dasman Diabetes Institute, established by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), sponsored by Kuwait Finance House (KFH), held the annual Gergaian event for children with diabetes and their families in Kuwait. The ceremony was attended by a group of children who enjoyed the rich program of cultural competitions, popular games, and interesting shows, in which the beloved figures participated in the children, in addition to henna engraving, face coloring  and many other activities.

DDI was keen to diversify activities and games to include all age groups for children. The celebration ended with the distribution of the bags of Gergaian to the audience. Dr. Qais Al-Duwairi was keen to revive this popular event especially for children with diabetes, and to sensitize them and their families to the possibility of participating and enjoying such activities as other children. Dr. Qais stated that “The aim of this ceremony is to draw a smile on the faces of children with diabetes and to sensitize them in an entertaining manner and to encourage them to exercise physically, choose healthy food, moderate health awareness and awareness, especially as children’s diabetes continues to increase, especially in Kuwait.” The ceremony was supported by Kuwait Finance House and volunteers.