In keeping with the ideals of World Diabetes Day, Dasman Diabetes Institute organized an informative and fun-filled event under the theme “I Decided to Change” on November 21. Discussed was a wide array of topics covering a general overview of diabetes; the latest in diabetes research and evolving treatment strategies, healthy lifestyle, coping strategies, first aid and other relevant health topics.

The theme was perfectly executed in many educational workshops where cordial professionals briefed visitors on different health topics, often underlining their points with handy brochures and displays. Bags with pamphlets containing helpful information along with shirts and pens were gifted to all visitors, which was graciously received by the public.
An educational workshop on First Aid Techniques imparted life-saving skills like administering first aid and performing CPR, live demonstrations helped fortify the lesson. A number of Ask the Expert booths made a lot of headway with expanding the public’s knowledge.

At the dental care booth, visitors could ask questions about proper teeth hygiene and care, with the younger children receiving special gifts. The other booths focused more on overall health and wellness. Visitors listened to talks that encouraged them to change their lifestyle and be more careful about diabetes. The remarkable Blue Circle group was in full swing, gaining support and membership from the diabetic youth in Kuwait. Their organization is the forefront in helping young diabetics deal with their condition. Moreover, there were talks on other interesting details like the telemedicine study and diabetes hotline.
The highlight of the event was the screening of Blood sugar levels, HbA1C, Lipid Profile, Blood Pressure as well as Body measurements that was open to everyone. Compassionate nurses and doctors patiently conducted the procedures, and dealt with a large crowd of patients. Observing risky levels in some patients, they were quick to offer advice and tips, counseling patients to take better care of their health. Patients of different ages, nationalities and careers benefitted from the guidance and many viewed these screening tests as an eye-opener.

The conference’s main attraction was the attendance of a panel of experts, healthcare professionals and researchers that accepted questions from the public. Lectures on “Empowerment”, “Behavioral Therapy” and “Nutrition” were held to full rooms. The event was specially organized to appeal to the masses, hence kids and adults enjoyed numerous fun elements comprised of prizes, gifts and activities. The Kids segment featured a clown show, face painting and taffy and popcorn stall. Adults could take photographs with the supplied props, a great, fun way to broaden the message of the Diabetes awareness to the whole of Kuwait. The Institute’s event was a successful venture that evidently made considerable progress in education and the lifestyle of Kuwait’s citizens.