The team from the University of Dundee School of Medicine along with colleagues at the Dasman Diabetes Institute launched the third year of the Masters Diabetes Care and Education. This event took place from 28th September till 2nd October 2013 at DDI. The Masters is part of the KSeHIN collaboration designed to help healthcare professionals in Kuwait transform the care and management of patients with diabetes. Since September 2011, over one hundred and fifty students have commenced the course and the first students have now gained their diplomas and are starting on the dissertation project to gain their Masters degree. This term, the students are attending modules on Modern Diabetes Care, Advanced Diabetes Practice, Leadership, Reflective Professional Practice and Clinical Skills and Simulation. The new skills and knowledge the students have gained through the teaching are now being applied in their work place based assignments ensuring that the programme has an immediate impact on patient care. The team from Dundee really enjoys the opportunity to engage with the students in Kuwait and is impressed by the enthusiasm, passion and dedication of the students who are so keen to work hard to learn new skills which they can use to enhance their own practice. The feedback from the students is also positive. One student said “Recommendation – the programme is great if you are looking to make changes in your workplace, also helps you to think differently and also to meet people from other specialities, to find out about new things and finally to have an enjoyable time.” Another student said “The staff members are all very busy but they care about the little things. The students are the number one priority.”