Dasman Diabetes Institute, a leading campaigner for diabetes awareness in Kuwait, held an informative event to commemorate World Diabetes Day on Thursday, 13 November at its premises. The event allowed visitors to interact with diabetes specialists and dieticians as well as gather information from booths that explained various facets of diabetes, using models, TV presentations and brochures. Around 1000 guests attended the event underlining the interest in Kuwait to preventing and managing this dangerous lifestyle disease.

Many of the booths at the event were about educating visitors on proper dietary habits and oral health. At the Pharmacology booth, a presentation was arranged about medications and their side effects. Another informative booth was from the Kuwait Diabetes Society that provided assistance to people living with diabetes. There were also various booths from volunteer organizations and exercise clubs promoting proper fitness regimen.

As part of diabetes management, lectures were organized in the hall that delivered additional information about diabetes care. As some diabetic patients are unable to cook healthy food, so a live cooking demonstration emphasized cooking nutritious International and Kuwait recipes. The event reflected an exciting environment for everyone and was tailored to inform even young children through fun shows featuring clowns.

Fatma Mahmoud, Diabetes educator at Dasman Institute discussed the highlights of the event on World Diabetes Day, “We are hosting a Diabetes Awareness program to improve awareness among diabetic patients, especially among the youngsters, who due to an unhealthy lifestyle are increasingly becoming susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes.”

“Education is instrumental in the fight against diabetes and it is important to explain to people how they can protect themselves by focusing on a healthy lifestyle, and pursuing regular exercise. The biggest issue is that patients with Type 2 Diabetes often don’t feel any symptoms and therefore, it becomes even more important for them to get tested. This event aims not only to help people manage diabetes but also to educate those people who don’t know they have diabetes,” said Ms. Mahmoud.

Dasman Diabetes’ Awareness event also provided free testing by professional staff, who conducted screenings for blood glucose and HbA1c, as well body measurements. These tests helped physicians single out diabetic patients for advice and guide at risk patients. The event also helped visitors meet representatives from Dasman Diabetes to learn to lead healthier lives and manage their diabetes in the correct manner.