A public awareness day on celiac and diabetes was organized at Dasman Diabetes Institute in collaboration with the Celiac Team of Ministry of Health on Saturday, 31st March 2012. The awareness day was mainly for young patients with celiac and diabetes, where various doctors and specialists spoke and interacted with the patients and their families on many related topics, such as diagnosis and management of celiac. The youths and their families enjoyed and benefited from the different exciting segments the awareness day included, such as My Story with Celiac Disease, Gluten Free Exhibition, Gluten Free Cooking Classes and the Play and Recreational part by the end of the day. Audience were given assorted pamphlets and brochures on celiac, gluten free nutrition, wellness, diabetes and general health topics.

The aim of organizing this awareness day is in correspondence with the mission statement of Dasman Diabetes Institute to promote health among the public. The awareness day was held in commemoration of the World Health Day as well.